Bright Guard – Building a Start Up from the Brand Up

In order to introduce a new sun care product concept to the market and attract investors, Bynder Group developed strategy, design and a marketing communications program for Bright Guard, a refillable, hands-free sunscreen dispenser for placement in public and private spaces.

Having worked out a few kinks of this new concept in the garage, Bright Guard was now ready for a greater push to market. We provided a strategic approach to branding, design, and marketing that resulted in a memorable brand, impressive sales growth, and eventually private funding.

To begin, our team created a carefully articulated brand foundation, defining their purpose, vision, differentiation factors, areas of competition, and brand voice. We then designed their branding, including logo, tagline, and design application standards. Download a copy of their brand brief here »

Leveraging the new brand foundation, our team then proceeded with website design, product photography, lifestyle photography, sales and marketing collateral, digital marketing campaigns, promotional materials, and even custom product graphics.

This entire effort proved a massive success with Bright Guard, helping them get the attention of and eventual funding from a private capital investment group and are now enjoying nation-wide distribution.

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