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B2B Inbound Marketing

Attract better prospects, generate more leads, and increase brand awareness

Business-to-business (B2B) inbound marketing is a technique for attracting, engaging, and delighting people to grow a business that provides value and builds trust. Based on a methodology and tool set designed to create authority and increase trust in your brand, inbound marketing enables a business to target qualified customers and nurture them at each phase of the buyer’s journey. As a result, your business will achieve higher growth and greater sustainability.

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Increase Website Traffic and Prospect Engagement

The methodology is based on three phases: attract; engage; and delight. It is a proven and effective method for marketing. However, it also applies to sales and service, aligning all your departments for greater efficiency. Inbound marketing works like a flywheel, with each stage propelling the next, building momentum and generating sustained growth.

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Target Your Audience

The first step is to identify and understand your target audience. These people are the most likely to become leads and, ultimately, happy customers. Therefore, we’ll understand what motivates your target audience by creating detailed personas that serve as the foundation to inform the content strategy.

Attract the Right Prospects

The next step is to attract your target audience by delivering relevant content when and where they’re looking for it. For example, this includes search engine optimization, advertising, videos, blogs, downloadable content, and social media. Search engine optimization compliments and amplifies marketing efforts with increased visibility and higher quality traffic. In addition, paid advertising ensures higher ROI on marketing initiatives by targeting ideal prospects for higher engagement. Lastly, social media increases brand visibility and encourages conversations, interactions, and engagement. The rest of the content strategy provides substance and authority for your brand.

Generate More Leads

Once we’ve identified qualified leads, we’ll nurture those leads with tactics such as email marketing and marketing automaton. Additionally, integrating your leads with an effective CRM (customer relationship management) tool provides invaluable business intelligence to inform the marketing and sales efforts.

Increase Brand Awareness

Providing memorable content your prospects find useful and shareable reinforces your brand’s credibility and trust. Furthermore, aligning sales and service team members with marketing creates consistent, contextual conversations with the people you do business with. As a result, this effort increases repeat customers and encourages marketing influencers.

Inbound Marketing is a Proven Methodology for Growing Your Business

We provide the guidance and hands-on services for developing a strategy and identifying relevant workflows based on your B2B business goals. Following that, we’ll execute that plan and adapt it as needs change. We’ll work out the customer touch points and create the content needed at each of these steps. Finally, to help keep it all humming along, we’ll monitor and support the technology and workflows, adjusting and fine-tuning to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

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Inbound Marketing Services for Growth-Minded Businesses

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