Inbound Sales and Hubspot CRM

Inbound Sales, Sales Enablement, and CRM Implementation

Hubspot CRM Services

Are you struggling to see your leads convert to customers? Would you like to see your sales team better align with marketing? Do you need a sales enablement solution and can benefit from powerful tools to monitor and measure? You’re not alone. Most businesses would like to see more productivity and better results from their sales teams. Our Hubspot certified experts help you get control of your sales process, improve efficiencies, bridge the gap between sales and marketing, and maximize your teams productivity.

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Hubspot CRM Services

Hubspot CRM Services

CRM Implementation

We work with your team to onboard, train, and implement your sales team with the powerful Hubspot CRM. We’ll go through all the strategic and tactical steps necessary to get your in-house resources working better and faster.

  • Deal stages and custom fields definition
  • Lead routing and ongoing audits
  • CRM data ongoing cleanup
  • Build custom views for reps
  • Build custom reports for managers
  • Build custom objects/fields

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Successful lead generation is most effective if the gap between marketing and sales is bridged. When sales and marketing work seamlessly,  your prospects are guide through the buyer’s journey stages of awareness, consideration, and decision.

  • Buyer profile and persona creation
  • MQL/SQLs definition
  • Lead stages definition
  • Content plan development

Sales Enablement

The goal of most businesses is to have the ability to close more deals faster. A sales enablement strategy that includes connecting your sales efforts and marketing investments will uncover more leads and help manage and nurture those leads into loyal customers.

  • Set up conversations tool
  • Set up calling tool
  • Set up workflows and automation
  • Email template creation and optimization
  • Sequence creation and optimization
  • Sales document library build out
  • Case study creation
  • Prospecting automation with ‘meetings’ link
  • Prospecting support

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Learn How Sales Enablement and Hubspot Sales Hub Services Can Benefit Your Company

If you’re interested in learning more about our sales enablement and CRM expertise, meet with Bynder Group and get your business upgrade started.

Let’s Get To Work!

Inbound Sales Methodology and Hubspot Sales Hub and CRM for B2B Sales:

  • Increase lead conversion and prove ROI
  • Align sales and marketing teams for greater efficiency and better results
  • Improve sales productivity with powerful, integrated tools
  • Enable your sales team with the training, strategy, and tactics they need
  • Optimize your processes with templates, sequences, documents, playbacks, and reporting