DuPuis Group New Sites Launched


After writing the book on package design—literally, The DuPuis Group, an international strategic brand design firm, decided to take their own advice. DuPuis needed an updated corporate website, a promotional website for their new book and a comprehensive marketing platform for both. To accomplish this, they knocked on our door – easy since it’s right down the hall.

Our team worked hand-in-hand with DuPuis to design the new corporate site, as well as a new visual language that would better showcase their work and accomplishments. Through the balance of bold color and white space, we created a site that is simple, articulate and efficient. The online re-branding effort included an updated email marketing template with a new tone and manner for the copy.

An additional component of this project included a mini-site designed to showcase Package Design Workbook, authored by DuPuis’ principals.

Let's Get To Work!