8 content types for marketing

Content Toolbox For Building Your B2B Brand [infographic]


It was not long ago that nearly every marketing playbook would start with some variation of the phrase “content is king.”

Nearly every business with a content marketing strategy was struggling to create as much content as possible, as quickly as possible. In many cases, this would lead to blogs filled with tons of posts and very little actionable, valuable content. Google took notice of this and sheer content volume ceased to be enough to register an SEO bump.

So the drive to create content based exclusively on volume has slowed considerably, but B2B businesses should still be doing whatever they can to create high-value content for their key buyer personas. Not only does great content contribute to your owned media profile and give you a chance to share useful information with your potential customers, it can also be a boon for SEO when done right. 

B2B companies that do not yet have a robust content creation process may initially equate “content” with “blog post” or “LinkedIn post” but the reality is that there are a range of different types of content that may be useful in building your brand and driving revenue for your business.

Each type of content offers a unique way to communicate your brand and values and each occupies a unique place in your business website strategyMost companies will benefit from a mix of content types, but the specific types that your company should focus on will depend heavily on what your content goals are as well as what resources you have to devote to content creation. 

8 Vital Types of B2B Marketing Content Infographic

Check out our infographic to get a better idea as to what types of content make the most sense for your business. 

8 types of content marketing


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