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Aggressive Strategy and Marketing for a Competitive Market

How do you start a new business in an aggressive market and become competitive quickly? That’s the challenge that K+V Home Staging had when they launched early in 2015. Seasoned experts in the fields of interior design and real estate home staging, our clients found themselves requiring a new stylish brand design with compelling messaging and powerful marketing.

Bynder Group provides business strategy, marketing and design services for K+V Home Staging
Bynder Group provides business strategy, design, and marketing for K+V Home Staging.

Bynder Group was eager and able to help with a process and methodology that resulted in a highly effective web presence and online marketing program. The website was designed to showcase a sophisticated and accessible service offering, and beautiful, effective home staging results. Built as a responsive website in WordPress, the design easily leads visitors through a compelling story supporting the value of home staging. It also showcases their case studies, including staging for celebrity mansions and multi-million dollar Los Angeles properties.

Bynder Group provides business strategy, marketing and design services for K+V Home Staging
Attention getting design and prominent engagement opportunities help convert visitors into clients on the K+V Home Staging website.

Multiple opportunities for visitor engagement are strategically included throughout the site, such as initiating phone and email contact, downloading marketing collateral, joining the mailing list, and sharing on social media. Email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing also have been included to drive qualified traffic and maximize awareness and conversions.

Comprehensive email marketing works together with social media and content marketing to build awareness, drive traffic, and increase sales leads.

The busy 2015 summer real estate season saw an 88% increase in traffic to the site and maintained a nearly 20% average open rate for emails targeting real estate agents and brokers. Christina Kretschmer and Lisa Vail, owners of K+V Home Staging, have been extremely pleased with the results and are seeing growth and opportunity in the first half year of operation.

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