One Cura Wellness and One Cura Family Clinics web design by Bynder Group

One Cura Wellness is a not-for-profit organization focused on providing quality health services to rural communities. One Cura Wellness engaged our services at Bynder Group for brand and identity design and web design and development.

One Cura Wellness and One Cura Family Clinic Logo Design and Branding by Bynder Group

We started with designing the identity for the family of brands within the organization, including the main parent One Cura Wellness as well as the sub-brand of One Cura Family Clinics. The identity was designed to provide a contemporary and fresh face for an organization providing quality healthcare and improving lives and wellness for people in rural communities, where access to affordable, quality healthcare is often an issue. Our intention was to create a brand mark and establishes a sense of trust and access for this audience.

One Cura Wellness and One Cura Family Clinics Web Design by Bynder Group

Along with the identity design, we also created multiple websites for One Cura Wellness and continue to provide strategic design and marketing services to them on an ongoing basis.

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