Elevating Agri-Tech: UMC’s Journey from Industry Standard to Global Innovator

Universal Motion Components Case Study: Branding, Web Design, and Sales Collateral

Universal Motion Components (UMC) products are pivotal in 95% of global center-pivot irrigation systems used in industrial agriculture across 90+ countries. Renowned for designing, developing, and distributing top-tier center pivot drivetrains and components, UMC leads the industry with best practices, offering cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the global food supply. Established in 1978 and headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, UMC operates in the United States, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and France.

Brand Design for UMC by Bynder Group
UMC Branding and Identity Guidelines


Improved Positioning and Branding

Bynder Group and Quantum Global Partners collaborated closely to lay the groundwork for a revitalized brand identity for this well-established company. The extensive collaboration involved refining its competitive positioning strategy, giving its visual identity a contemporary revamp, and meticulously developing high-quality marketing collateral to reinforce the strategic rebranding efforts. This joint effort aimed to enhance brand recognition, resonate with target audiences on a deeper level, and drive sustainable growth in the competitive market landscape.

UMC Website Design by Bynder Group
UMC Responsive Website Design and Development

Website Design for UMC by Bynder Group

Assisting this well-known, family-owned company with branding and marketing commenced with a meticulous strategic approach. This was then complemented by implementing a comprehensive program encompassing the development of fresh collateral materials, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand representation across various channels.

  • Logo and brandmark guidelines
  • Marketing campaign concepts
  • Website and online marketing materials, including copywriting, responsive design, development, and search engine optimization
  • Original photography for the entire product line and marketing concepts
  • Brochure and printed catalog design
  • Dealer showroom and trade show displays
  • Print and online advertising design
Marketing collateral for UMC by Bynder Group
Original Product and Marketing Photography
Marketing collateral for UMC by Bynder Group
UMC Product Catalog and Corporate Brochure
Marketing collateral and trade show display design for UMC by Bynder Group
UMC Dealer Showroom and Trade Show Graphics

The outcome has been truly remarkable, propelling UMC to a position of greater competitiveness than ever before. Through the establishment of a robust strategic stance and the deepening of authenticity, UMC has not only maintained meticulous brand control but also significantly heightened brand awareness. This approach has showcased UMC’s innovative leadership and garnered notable distinction within the farming and agriculture sector, solidifying its reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

before and after web design for UMC by bynder group

Charting the Future with Innovation and Excellence

The strategic rebranding of Universal Motion Components (UMC), led by Bynder Group and Quantum Global Partners, stands as a paragon of how effective branding, meticulous web design, and comprehensive sales collateral can collectively elevate a company’s market position. The transformation of UMC from a well-established industry player to a trailblazing leader in global agricultural solutions exemplifies the power of a cohesive brand strategy. This case study not only illustrates the critical role of innovative branding in the agricultural sector but also highlights UMC’s commitment to excellence and its consequential rise in competitiveness and brand recognition worldwide.

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