USAA Diamond and Jewelry Shop: Reimagined and Revitalized

USAA Diamond and Jewelry Shop Website Design


USAA Diamond and Jewelry Shop is currently closed.

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The USAA Diamond and Jewelry Shop was an ambitious e-commerce venture, designed to serve the unique needs of the military community and their families by offering them a wide selection of high-quality diamonds and fine jewelry. Leveraging the trusted USAA brand, the shop aimed to provide a seamless and secure online shopping experience. It featured an extensive catalog that included over 20,000 loose diamonds and a myriad of settings, ensuring that customers could find or customize pieces that perfectly matched their preferences and budgets. The initiative not only underscored USAA’s commitment to delivering exceptional value and service to its members but also positioned the company as a forward-thinking participant in the online retail space of diamonds and jewelry.


Strategy, Design, Information Architecture, User Experience, Content Development

Working on contract for Red Marketing and collaborating closely with the client’s in-house team and the back-end developer, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive new user experience and designed a sleek and modern website for the USAA Diamond and Jewelry Shop. We focused on enhancing the overall usability and functionality of the site, empowering customers to easily browse, customize, and purchase their desired pieces.

Our engagement in the project included expertise in information architecture, user experience modeling, visual design, and front-end HTML development. Our team also ensured that all aspects of the site design were compliant with the client’s mandated APA requirements and integrated seamlessly with their established web design standards. At the same time, we created a unique and distinct presence for this specific division of the company, reflecting its focus on diamonds and jewelry.

Unique Shopping Features

The redesigned user experience not only guided customers in choosing the ideal diamond within their budget but also allowed them to browse through over 20,000 loose diamonds to discover the perfect gem. Customers could virtually place the selected stone on a setting, visualizing the final piece before making a purchase. Additionally, we created bespoke educational resources, interactive features like diamond sizing and pricing sliders, and integrated with a secure shopping cart system.

Project Summary

Our collaboration with USAA to transform their Diamond and Jewelry Shop into a modern, efficient, and user-friendly e-commerce platform marked a significant milestone in digital shopping experiences tailored for military families. By merging USAA’s esteemed legacy with our cutting-edge digital strategy and development, we delivered a solution that not only met its members’ unique needs and preferences but also significantly advanced USAA’s position in the competitive online jewelry market. Our work encompassed a full spectrum of digital design and development services, including strategic planning, information architecture, user experience design, and the integration of custom, interactive tools to enhance the shopping experience. The project’s success is a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the provision of secure and engaging online environments for customers to explore and purchase high-quality jewelry with confidence.

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