A Fetching New Look

RBD was recently approached by Fetch Technologies to rebrand their company, including the creation of a new logo, product sheets and a visually impactful website that all convey a relatively complex idea in a simple, compelling manner.


Starting with their new logo, the Fetch brand suggests forward momentum, data and high-end technology. We carried this theme throughout the company’s new website using a combination of photography, iconography and graphics to breakdown the complex functionality behind Fetch software into simple, digestible pieces.

Beyond helping potential customers understand what Fetch offers, a fully functioning, time zone-specific clock on the site’s homepage helps to convey the idea that Fetch delivers mission-critical information and its resulting business advantages in real-time—right now, as life happens on the web.

Designed to attract both investors and customers, the new Fetch Technologies website makes it virtually impossible NOT to understand why Fetch is where you should turn to access and extract valuable data from the Internet.

Let's Get To Work!