Pipeline generation

Pipeline Generation

Pipeline generation is the lifeblood of most companies. A high-performing pipeline aligns sales and marketing efforts and clarifies available opportunities to maximize potential. When done well, the pipeline flows full with prospects that are a good match. Good match prospects have a higher close rate because the service matches the client’s needs. Likewise, good-match customers and clients see better results with their service providers because values and cultures are aligned. 

pipeline generation bootcamp

Bynder Group director Rob Bynder recently completed the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp, an immersive 6-week program provided by HubSpot Academy designed to teach HubSpot partners and customers the first parts of the inbound sales process. The experience was highly informative and a perfect blend of education, inspiration, and motivation. 

Instructors for this cohort included Trygve Olsen, Keith Gutierrez, and Debbie Akintonde, all HubSpot Certified Trainers. Also on hand to share knowledge and enliven the group was Dan Tyre, Sales Director at HubSpot, who pioneered the concept of alignment between sales and marketing known as “Smarketing.” 

Align Marketing and Sales

Businesses that bridge the gap between marketing and sales see better results using this more strategic approach to client acquisition and growth.

While some of the tasks associated with pipeline generation are outbound practices, the spirit of the inbound methodology is the foundation of inbound sales. The goal is to be helpful and respectful rather than pushy, aggressive, or “salesy.” Providing value to customers through helpfulness encourages trust and enhances rapport. 

The program covered all elements of implementing effective connect calls, including:

  • How to identify good fit leads
  • How to speak and what to say
  • How to use voicemail and how to coordinate email
  • How and why to leverage video
  • How to address objections

The training included workbooks, presentations, access to numerous additional resources, and real-life role-playing, where we could practice the techniques on each other in break-out rooms. Practice and role-playing are highly encouraged and provide a valuable process for working out the kinks. Also covered was the use of conversational pauses and listening techniques like “chin-strokes” and open-ended questions to encourage more and better communication.

What’s the Upshot? 

Bynder Group provides expert guidance on web strategy, design, marketing, and HubSpot CRM for our B2B clients. With the knowledge gained from training programs like the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp, we further provide our clients with additional insight into the skills, techniques, and best practices of high-quality pipeline generation. When used with HubSpot’s powerful marketing, sales, and operations tools, our clients see better results and higher ROI from their efforts.


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