Stepping Thru Accessibility

Case Study: Digital and Business Strategy, Web Design and Development, and Inbound Marketing

Stepping Thru Accessibility

One of the most important considerations in architecture is accessibility. With the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law in 1990, the ADA became one of America’s most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation, ensuring that the built environment caters to people of all abilities.

Stepping Thru Accessibility provides expert guidance and training for architects, building owners, developers, property managers, public agencies, attorneys and tenants, assisting them with the details of the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards (ADAS) and the California Building Codes (CBC). The company is run by Janis Kent, FAIA, CASp, Architect, who is designated a Certified Access Specialist and subject matter expert by the California Division of the State Architect.

Stepping Thru Accessibility webinars
Professional unit-earning seminars go online: Bynder Group researched, built and implemented an on-demand online learning program based on popular in-person seminars.

Key Challenges

Since 2014, Bynder Group has worked with Stepping Thru Accessibility, helping Janis Kent grow her firm. From designing Stepping Thru Accessibility brand assets to implementing inbound marketing, our team has established a credible and consistent presence in the architecture industry for providing expert guidance on issues of accessibility in the built environment. Highlights of our engagement has included:

  • Designed and developed custom B2B e-commerce website
  • Initiated an inbound marketing strategy and continues to provide ongoing implementation services
  • Working closely with the client on producing technical content including and extensive blog and a number of self-published ebooks
  • Designed, developed and manage sale of publications
  • Lead generation programs for consulting and in persona and online seminars
  • Pivoted an established in-person seminar program to online learning, providing a passive secondary stream of income with Accessibility Webinars by Janis Kent, FAIA

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Highly recommend them!!

“Worked with Bynder Group for years from when I first started my firm. They have built and managed my website, my firm’s image, made many suggestions and helped me grow in a manner that I was comfortable with – allowing me to provide information rather than selling to create my firm’s image. Highly recommend them!”

Janis Kent, FAIA, Stepping Thru Accessiblity

Stepping Thru Accessiblity
Cross-channel content: Leveraged existing technical blog articles into subject-based ebook series available for download via e-commerce.


Website Design and Development

    • Custom designed and programmed WordPress theme
    • E-commerce implementation for publications
    • Active blog and event calendar
    • Accessible website design

Inbound Marketing

    • Hubspot Marketing Hub onboarding
    • Inbound Marketing methodology strategy and ongoing implementation 
    • Content strategy and editorial calendar
    • On-page SEO
    • Email marketing program and social media promotions
    • Promotions and marketing for sale of publications

Online Learning

    • Researched, activated, designed, implemented, and continue to support secondary web property using Thinkific for online learning
    • Promotions and marketing for sale of online learning webinars that earn AIA accredited learning units


Stepping Thru Accessiblity results


High priority KPIs for 2020 vs 2019:

39% Increase in New Contacts
Via Online Sources
17% Increase in
Website Sessions 
44% Increase in
Email Opens
46% Increase in
CTA Rate (views then clicks)

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