Unisource Solutions: Redefining a Brand from the Inside, Out

Branding, Employee Engagement, and Company Culture Strategy


Building great company culture and internal branding is an astute strategy for maximizing company performance and value. Durable brands are created from organizations that share vision and values that are embodied by every employee and demonstrated consistently by management. Defining these brand qualities, especially for an already decades-old, successful, and established organization, is a challenging task. That, however, is just what Bynder Group was recently hired to do for Unisource Solutions, one of the leading furniture management and facilities services companies in California.


In 2007 we defined and redesigned the company’s external-facing brand, so when Unisource Solutions’ CEO Jim Kastner called to say that he wanted to revamp the company’s internal brand, we were prepared and more than happy to be a part of the initiative. Turns out, Unisource Solutions was experiencing the same growing pains that many companies do as they adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of customers—processes, procedures, and practices needed attention. Knowing that branding is a business imperative, Jim enlisted our services to help him get an unbiased, outsiders’ view of what was really happening inside his company.

To kick things off, we conducted a company-wide survey that spanned Unisource’s three offices. The feedback was honest—and eye-opening. After compiling more than 50 responses, the team at Bynder Group synthesized and analyzed the results to identify key areas of opportunity. Based on those opportunities, we developed high-level recommendations to serve as the beginnings of the company’s transformation strategy.

With research in hand, Bynder Group developed a two-day leadership retreat for presenting our research findings, aligning top leadership around existing issues, and defining clear, actionable steps toward revitalizing Unisource’s internal brand.

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The executive team was onboard with the idea, and the retreat took place over two very productive days in January at a hotel in Marina del Rey, California. As a result, Unisource Solutions now has a revised mission and brand story. It also has a plan and milestones in place to improve the efficiency, engagement and happiness of its employees, and its internal brand perception.

We followed up the strategy work with materials for internal communication including a presentation and brand and culture handbook. Bynder Group remains a key player in moving the initiative forward, helping to define and develop continued strategy and deliverables to support Unisource’s revitalization efforts.

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