Unisource Solutions

Case Study: Inbound Marketing and Growth-Driven Web Design

Unisource Solutions Inbound Marketing

Founded in 1987, Unisource Solutions is one of the leading providers of smart office solutions and facility management services in California. For this long-term client we have provided strategic branding and positioning, brand design, web design, and starting in 2017, inbound marketing and digital advertising. Bynder Group currently operates as a fully integrated Marketing Communications department, providing strategy, guidance and execution services. We work directly in contact with key executives to ensure communication is clear and expectations are met. We also interact with department directors and other staff within Sales, Marketing, and Product Development. Our process produces efficient workflows and provides a transparency for the client.

Key Challenges

Unisource Solutions has operated successfully as an industry leader since their inception. In order to remain competitive and prepare for additional growth, our team worked with theirs to identify and execute several key initiatives:

  • Activation of Hubspot software subscription including account set up and on-boarding
  • Initiate an inbound marketing strategy and execution plan
  • Develop content strategy and content development program including 
    • Blog articles
    • Case studies
    • Ebooks and brochures
    • Landing pages
    • Emails
    • Social media
    • Digital advertising
    • SEO
  • Provide web design and development and support services for website upgrades, optimization, and maintenance

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Digital Marketing Expertise

“As a critical extension of our marketing and communications team, Bynder Group has helped us elevate our brand by developing rich content to shape and tell our story and effective delivery methods to broadcast it to our marketplace. Their insights and expertise in digital inbound marketing, advertising and website development have been critical to our success, and I’d highly recommend this firm.”

Rick Bartlett – President, Unisource Solutions


Inbound Marketing

  • Identified and completed key personas
  • Developed a content strategy and editorial calendar articles and campaigns
  • Created a process and workflow for integrating with key client stakeholders
  • Implemented basic use of Hubspot CRM
  • Created a lead generation program including inbound marketing, advertising, and re-marketing campaigns
  • Created methodology for better sales enablement and improved transition of leads to sales
  • Managed digital advertising campaign content development and ad placement

Growth-Driven Web Design and Website Maintenance

  • Redesigned home page for better conversion
  • Redesigned navigation and vernacular for improved user experience
  • Designed, built and added blog to website
  • Added key services pages and additional content to website for better messaging
  • Rewrote copy and improved SEO throughout site
  • Implemented maintenance program for software updates and website and databases backups
  • Designed and developed secondary e-commerce website for new in-house furniture brand

Branding and Strategy

  • Guided the process for naming and launch of new in-house product development department
  • Market research to define key personas
  • Provided workshops for internal processes including social media marketing
  • Provided guidance for CRM and sales enablement integration
  • Led process for account based marketing initiatives


First Year Results :

Major improvements were noted in the first 12 months for high priority KPIs:

269% Increase in
Website Traffic
167% Increase in
New Users
100% Increase in
Website Sessions
24% Increase in
Generated Leads

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